Lakeville Soccer Club develops teams at all levels of play within the local, regional, and national levels.

The Challenge

Lakeville Soccer Club was migrating to a new sports management platform for their website, and had just rebranded with a new logo. The club knew that their current website had too many pages with content that was hard to navigate and presented in a way that was difficult to read and manage. Much of the team details were put into images instead of live text, which goes against best practices for web design. The current website lacked good photography and was text heavy, with nothing to break up the blocks of content. Without prior knowledge of LSC’s programs, it was hard for a new parent to navigate and find the most suitable program for their child’s age and skill level.

Our Approach

We restructured the sitemap and implemented a content strategy that would make the website more intuitive and easy to use. Using the new brand guide, logo elements, fonts, and brand colors were incorporated into the website design. Full-width images and parallax photo sections added more visual elements to help break up the content-heavy pages. Thoughtful consideration was given to selecting photos that would showcase the pride, fun, and competitive nature of LSC’s teams. FAQs were put into a collapsible accordion to keep pages from endlessly scrolling. Detailed team information was put into responsive tables as live text, allowing it to be indexed by search engines and viewed on mobile devices.

The Results

The new website has an upgraded design that showcases the rebranding of LSC while making it easy for parents and prospective players to navigate and find important club information. All pages were styled for mobile and smaller screens, allowing visitors to find the program best suited for their child’s age and skill level using a smartphone or tablet.

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